Here Is What You Should Do For Your Tell me About Yourself in Interview

Interviewers will begin to find out why you are the best fit for the job, in terms of technical skills and experience, as well as soft skills. This is a great opportunity to show that you can communicate clearly and effectively, connect and react with other humans, and professionally present yourself. There are many times when you will hear these exact words: “Tell me about yourself”. But interviewers can have their versions of the prompt asking for more or less the same.

•So Let’s Begin with your name.
•Give your Location Information
•Education in short
•Job Experience if any
•Family details in short

My name is Shahul, I live in Hyderabad. I have graduated in computer science. I have two years of experience in Software Testing and I live with my family in Bangalore.

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Why should I hire you?
• Share your knowledge
• Work Experiences
• Skills Related to Job
• Career Goals

Sir, since I’m fresher, I know some theoretical knowledge, but I can
do challenging work for my organization, & I will put all my efforts
for the satisfactory progress of my organization by being punctual &
sincere, I can finish the work given to me on time & try to
fulfil all the needs of the company from me.

What are your Salary Requirements?
• Never share your salary demands as a fresher
• You can share your salary expectations if you are an experienced candidate
• Always say yes as per the company norms for the job

I am a fresher; salary is not a priority for me.
It’s your wish. As per my opinion, my skills matched your requirement. I have a good knowledge of my profile. If you give me a chance, I will prove myself.
This is a big platform to start my career & I also want to improve my knowledge & skills and gain experience so I expect
a considerable amount of salary according to my ability & your company’s norms which will fulfil my financial needs.

What are your strengths?
•Adaptation, Hard Working
•Honest, Flexibility
• Fast Decision Making
• Self Motivated

I am an honest, self-motivated & hardworking person with
positive attitude towards my career & life.

Finally, do you have any questions for me?
• Express Thanks. Salary Structure
• Job Timing
• Job Location
• Overtime Allowance
•Timing Period
• Transport Facility

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Sir, I would like to
know the job timing & transport facility & what will be the
job location & salary scales for this job in your organization?

Why are you looking for a job change?
• Explain what you learn from your past job
• Share your reason for a job change

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