New Online Selenium Automation Training by Shammi Jha

Online Selenium Automation Training:

Start Date: 1st JULY 2024
Trainer Name: SHAMMI JHA

☸ Course Contents:
Java, Selenium, TestNG, Maven, Git, Jenkins, BDD Cucumber, Selenium Grid, Page Object Model, HTML, JavaScript, AutoIT, Log4j, Assertion, Project Explanation, Manual Testing, Agile, JIRA, API Testing, etc.

Online Selenium Course Content


Introduction to Java and Eclipse
Basic Concepts
Data Types in Java
String Class
Conditional Statements
Local & Global Variables
Static & Non Static
Concept of Object
Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS)
Constructor (Default, Parameterized, Overloaded)
Interface Vs. Abstract Class
Type Casting
Exception Handling
Collection API’s : List, Set, HashMap, HashTable
Reading Properties File
Read Excel File Using Apache POI Jar File
Apache Log4j
Access Specifiers : Default, Public, Private, Protected
For Each Loop
Eclipse Tricks & Tips
How to Run & Debug the code
Plenty of Assignments on All The Topics


Introduction to Automation Testing
Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing
Introduction to Selenium
Selenium IDE Vs. RC Vs. Web Driver & Selenium Grid
Downloading & Configuring Web Driver Jars
Architecture of Selenium Webdriver
Driver for IE, Firefox & Chorome
Firebug & Firepath Utility
Locator Strategies Using ID, Class, CSS, Value, Name, xpath etc.
Making custom xpaths using functions such as starts with, text, contains etc.
How to handle Check Box & Radio Buttons
How to get all/specific links from web page
Handling Drop Down List
Retrieving values from different web elements
Waits (Implicit, Explicit & Fluent Wait)
Managing AJAX Components
Handling Alert Box
Handling Pop Up, New Tab, New Window
File Upload Using Auto IT Tool
Mouse & Keyboard Simulation
Drag & Drop of Elements
Handling Dynamic Web Table
Managing Iframes in Selenium
How to use JavaScript in Selenium
Taking Screenshot on Failure Cases
Handling Date & Time Using Selenium
Parameterization Using XML & Data Providers
Parallel Execution & Session Handling in Selenium
How to use TestNG Listeners
Scrolling Up & Down in Selenium
Handling Cookies in Selenium
Plenty of Assignments on All The Topics

Online Shammi Jha Training

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Automation Framework

Page Object Model With Page Factory (Using Data Provider)
Page Object Model Without Page Factory (Using Data Provider)
Maven – Build Tool
Jenkins – Continuous Integration Tool
Git – Code Versioning Tools
Cucumber – BDD

Cucumber – BDD

Downloading & Configuring Cucumber Plugins & Jars
How to Create Parameterized Feature Files
How to Create Step Defination File Using Feature File
How to Create TestRunner File
How to Run Feature File using Test Runner File
How to Analyze Test Result

Selenium Grid

Introduction of Selenium Grid
Configuring the Hub
Configuring the Nodes
Develop the Script and Prepare the XML File
Test Execution
Result Analysis

Maven – Build Tool

Maven Setup & Integration of Maven with Selenium & TestNG
How to Add Plug-In & Dependency in pom.xml
How to Execute pom.xml & Analyzing the Result

Jenkins – Continuous Integration Tool

Download & Configure Jenkins for Running Build
Execute Selenium (Maven) build using Jenkins
How to Check Build History & Test Results

Git – Code Versioning Tools

Git Configuration, Project Cloning, Git Branch Creation, Git Stash
Git Pull/Push, Git Commit, Git Merge & many more commands

Distinctive Attributes

Customized Notes on All Topics
Concept Retention With Funny Examples
Practice on All Live Websites
Dedicated Session For Interview Preperation
Resume Writing Assistance & Sample Resumes
Pay Once & Repeat Anything Anytime

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Duration: 3 Months
✔Monday to Thursday: 2 Hours
✔Timing: 9.00 PM to 10.30 PM IST
✔Fees: INR 7000/-
✔Mode of Training: Online

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Shammi Jha: +91-8305429370

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