What is AWS?

What is AWS | Aws Intro for Beginners

• Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud services, which officially launched in 2006.
• It is vast and widely exploiting cloud platform.
• AWS offers 200 featured services globally.
• It provides on-demand and scalability services.

What are the Prerequisites to learn AWS Cloud Computing?

• Everyone who are interested to learn AWS should know about Prerequisites to avoid myths and some fears about cloud technology.

Prerequisites to learn AWS Cloud Computing
  • Simply just have good knowledge on Operating Systems like Windows, Linux etc..
  • We should familiar with Virtualization because it plays a major role in Cloud Technology. Virtualization is process of creating a software-based representation of something rather than a physical one.
  • One of the important topic we should know about is Networking, which plays a major role in Cloud Technology. We should have the good knowledge on Public and Private networks, as we come across these topics in the process of learning AWS. If you don’t have good knowledge in these basic topics it will be difficult to learn Cloud Technology.
  • We need little coding knowledge, example: some Linux commands.

Who can learn AWS?

  • It is the most common question everyone asking about. Anyone can learn AWS, but we need little knowledge on OS, networking, virtualization etc., as we discussed in prerequisites.

Why should we learn AWS Cloud?

  • As we all know cloud is the on going technology in IT field.
  •  Why AWS is, it is one of the leading cloud platform, which provides on-demand and scalable services.
  • It is most secure and fastest pace of innovation.
  • Many rapidly growing start-ups, many largest organizations and leading public agencies are using Amazon services for low cost.

What are we going to learn in AWS?

Amazon EC2 ( Elastic Cloud Computing )

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Amazon EC2 ( Elastic Cloud Computing )

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Cloud Watch

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon cloud front

AWS CLI (Command Line Interface).

AWS CLI (Command Line Interface).

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management)

AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management )

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53

History of AWS

History of AWS

• Amazon cloud backed by 4,50,000 servers.
• It also having 1,58,000 web-facing servers.

Use cases of Amazon cloud

• AWS permits you to build on-demand and scalable applications.
• It includes backup & storage, web hosting, designing of mobile & social apps, gaming etc.
• It also privileges larger organisations like Amazon.com, Netflix etc.

Service Models AWS providing

• Iaas – Infrastructure as a service – host
• Paas – Platform as service – build
• Saas – Software as a service – consume

AWS Global Regions

• AWS has broadest global infrastructure.
• It has regions all around the world.

AWS Global Regions
Source: What is AWS (amazon.com)

• AWS regions located in 15 graphical regions.

image 11

Availability zones of AWS:

• Each region has multiple availability zones.
> Distinct data centres.
> Isolated from each other – independent power, cooling, network and security.
> Several services operate across AZ.
> Others can be configured to replicate across AZ.
– To spread demand.
– To avoid downtime from failures.

image 12

How we work with AWS

• We can work with AWS by using management console which we called as Web.